Libreflow is an asset manager based on Kabaret.

It serves as the central workspace for our artists and technicians, managing the creation and handling of files, including automatic file naming conventions. It maintains a precise history of changes and allows for synchronization of the entire project or specific parts between multiple locations, facilitating coordination between various studios or remote working artists. Additionally, it offers a range of custom actions tailored to each project’s requirements. Some examples of these custom actions include simplifying the ingestion of client-provided sources, uploading data to production trackers like Kitsu or Shotgrid, and sending renders to the rendering farm, among others. There are no limits to the custom actions that can be added to meet a project’s specific needs.

Libreflow has been used in projects such as The Siren, They Shot the Piano Player, TinyKin, and nearly all of our other projects since 2020. It’s an open-source tool that, while not entirely plug-and-play, becomes highly powerful after an initial and tailored configuration to adapt to any project’s organizational constraints.

Libreflow is a tool that has received support from the CNC’s technical industries fund.

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