They Shot the Piano Player


Pictures from the film

Feature film, in production

A New York music journalist sets out to find the truth behind the tragic disappearance of young Brazilian piano virtuoso Tenorio Jr.

Celebrating the world-renowned Latin music movement Bossa Nova, They Shot The Piano Player captures a flee- ting period of creative freedom at a turning point in Latin American history in the 1960s and 1970s, just before the continent was engulfed by totalitarian regimes.

Official selection – Work in Progress



An animated feature film by: Fernando Trueba et Javier Mariscal

With the voice of: Jeff Goldblum
Coproducers: Fernando Trueba Producciones (productrice Cristina Huete Fernández-Maqueira, Espagne), They shot the piano player AIE (producteur Nano Arrieta, Espagne), Julian, Piker & Firmin SL (producteur Javier Mariscal, Espagne), Les Films d’Ici Méditerranée (producteur Serge Lalou, France), Animanostra (producteur Humberto Santana, Portugal), Submarine (producteur Bruno Felix et Femke Wolting, Pays-Bas), et Producciones Tondero (producteur Miguel Valladeres, Pérou)

Executives producers: Nano Arrieta et Juan Carlos Concha Riveros (Espagne), Janneke Van de Kerkhof (Pays-Bas) et Ulrik Frémont (France)

Les Fées Spéciales

For this feature film, our team is in charge of the compositing.

Technical supervisor : Flavio Perez

Artistic supervisor: Eric Serre

Compositing : Julien Delwaulle, Jean-Baptiste Marchand, Floriane Nguyen

Compositing intern: Aimée Boutet

Colorisation: Agathe Sollier, Enora Albareda

Colorisation intern: Adrien Grange

Production manager: Natalène Darfeuille

Production assistant: Gabrielle Gonçalves