Le Petit Prince, naissance d’une étoile




This film tells the lesser-known story of the birth of the most translated book after the Bible, right in the heart of New York during World War II. It’s a universal and timeless tale, with the key to its success—and the secret of its genesis—lying in the life of its author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The documentary covers the last four years of the extraordinary life of the writer-pilot, from his exile in New-York in 1940 to his disappearance in 1944. It’s an intense period for the writer, filled with romantic, political, and artistic intrigues. ‘The Little Prince’ is a shining star of a book. Understanding how this star was born means understanding what unites us, despite the distance and the years.
Director Vincent Nguyen and Les Films d’ici Méditerranée trusted us with creating dreamlike 2D keyframe animation sequences for the documentary. We had the privilege of animating evocations of St. Exupéry’s childhood and other moments of reverie. In addition to the 2D scenes, we also contributed to the 3D animation blocking for certain shots.

The film is set to be broadcast on Arte at the end of 2023.



Director: Vincent Nguyen
Production: Barnabe,
 Les Films d’ici, Arte France, TV3

3D Animation: EJT
Soon on: Arte France, RTVE, TV3, SVT, RTS, RTBF

Les Fées Spéciales

2D Animation

Artistic director: Eric Serre

Sets and model pack: Eric Serre, Suzanne Matharan

Animation, clean and colo: Suzanne Matharan, Léa Cluzel

Compositing: Louka Maréchal

3D Animation

3D Animation:  Animation Maxime Vallon, Tamara Louis, Damien Picard

Modélisation and compositing: Damien Picard

Graphic designer (apprenticeship): Alexis Poinot


Production Managers: Natalène Darfeuille, Gabrièla de Carvalho

Technical director: Flavio Perez
Financial director: Sophie Marron

Production assistant (apprenticeship): Marine Ceccaroli


Developer: Baptiste Delos

Developeur (apprenticeship): Valentin Braem