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Broadcast on France 3 on 03/30/2023
60 years ago, born in Buenos Aires, under the genius pen of its author Quino, a rebellious little girl who cared about the things of life. Mafalda was interested in the world and asking questions.
Mafalda, reviens! tells the story of this heroine, symbol of a protesting and anti-conformist spirit famous throughout the world. Using archives, animated images, and real shots, the little Mafalda becomes an unusual gateway to look at the world of today.
What’s happened since Quino stopped drawing her? What have we done ? Where is the peace? Feminism ? The middle class ? The planet ? Where are we with anger? With insolence?
CRFT trusted us for the 2D animation sequences of the documentary. We had the chance to animate the little Mafalda present in the live action. Some of the animations were produced in cut-out animation (with Blender) by Studio 3.0 from 2D puppets made by our team. The other animations were animated in 2D key frame with grease pencil by our graphic designers. We made the compositing of all the animated shots.


Coproduction: CFRT et Joparige Films
With the participation of: France Télévisions et de vià93 Télévisions

Director: Lucia Sanchez
Les Fées Spéciales

On this project, we created the 2D puppets (animated by Studio 3.0), a portion of the 2D animations (key frame), and the compositing of the animations.. 
Animatic: Marie Michels
Puppets designs: Léa Cluzel, Coline Fournier
Puppets rigs Lucile le Boullec
Animation: Léa Cluzel, Julien Delwaulle
Compositing: Julien Delwaulle
Layout & Conformation: Damien Picard, Lucile le Boullec

Artistic supervisor: Eric Serre

Technical director: Flavio Perez
Developers: Baptiste Delos, Amélie Fondevilla, Valentin Braem

Production manager: Natalène Darfeuille