Our studio is a social and solidarity economy (SSE) enterprise, while our status as a cooperative production company means that employees are members, with a say in editing choices and production tools.

Social innovation has been the studio’s hallmark ever since the company was founded. We firstly wanted to create a sustainable venture on a human scale, focused on a versatile team operating on a cooperative system. Our production line is part of an ethical and ecological ecosystem that makes maximum use of free software.

Une Scop, c’est quoi ? par Les Scop

Sustainable development


Les Fées Spéciales advocates for an eco-responsible approach and extends its sustainable development principles to the use of free software such as Blender, Libre Office and Krita on Linux workstations. We are aware of the environmental impacts from information and communication technology (ICT) which is why we try to reduce the studio’s ecological footprint as much as possible. Equipment purchases are appraised and workstations pay for themselves many times over. What’s more, we have signed up to the Ecoprod Charter that brings together professionals in the audio-visual sector wanting to commit to virtuous environmental practices. We also work with Qarnot Computing (cloud computing for home heating) when, for instance, spikes in waste heat from processing cannot be absorbed by our machines. The kind of projects we work on (combined 2D/3D techniques) means we don’t have to invest in a render farm, for example.



We are committed to equality in the cultural sector. When our company was formed, we sought to make equality a priority. To adopt this approach, we signed the charte Madeleine H/F, a mechanism for equality between men and women in the cultural sector.
Our recruitment policy advocates mixing generations, to train an experienced team that is also complementary with respect to its background and professional inspiration.
Combining different profiles (young, experienced, artistic, administrative and technological expertise, etc.) provides us with a versatile and nimble team. Diversity is a prerequisite to work on Les Fées Spéciales experimental projects. It enables us to respond proactively to our customers’ requests while developing our own production ventures.