Billie: OpenScene

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À propos de ce projet

Test scene and CC BY license created as part of the GP PowerTools program

Billie was created as part of our Grease Pencil PowerTools program, supported by the technical industries commission grant from the CNC (National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image). It addresses two challenges encountered in the development of our tools: bringing together technical constraints in 2D animation and providing images under a free license for sharing our results freely.

The production process of this scene was inverted compared to the traditional creation process. The technical team wrote a specification document for the artistic team to respond to, resulting in the creation of Billie. Developers closely followed the production to validate the animators’ work.

Once fully created in Blender, the scene is used by developers to test and develop our Grease Pencil tools.

This scene is available on our GitLab, and we wish to share it with the Blender community so that others can use it for their tool development.

View the scene on GitLab

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With the support of

Les Fées Spéciales

Technical director: Flavio Perez

Developer: Amélie Fondevilla

2D Animation

Design: Léa Cluzel

Animation: Camille Guillot

Clean, colo: Coline Fournier

Compositing: Julien Delwaulle

Rigging: Lucile Le Boullec

Modeling: Damien Picard


Production Manager: Natalène Darfeuille