Rocks is a documentary series project about minerals composed of 10 short episodes. For the first time, their link to Human history will be enlightened. The series, produced by Les Films Invisibles, is written by Anna Medveczky and Boris Garavani and directed by Théo Jollet, Thomas Trichet and Martin Maire.

Les Films Invisibles gave us the mission to make photorealistic 3D models of the different scenes illustrating the voice over. We also made a part of the renderings of the movie.

The pilot making just ended. This test episode tells the story of the quartz which, since it was discovered, has been central in different industries: arts, horology, technologies, …


Production: Les Films Invisibles

Authors: Anna Medveczky et Boris Garavini
Directors: Théo Jollet, Thomas Trichet et Martin Maire.

Les Fées Spéciales

On the pilot, we were in charge of part of the modeling (Eleanor’s vase, clock mechanisms, …), of some animations as well as part of the 3D rendering.