Our coopérative was created in 2015 by 4 complementary co-founders: Virginie Guilminot (Production Director), Ève François Machuel (Producer), Éric Serre (artistic director and director) and Flavio Perez (Technical and R&D Director).

Virginie GuilminotVirginie Guilminot

Production director

Director of studio 2015-2019

Eric SerreEric Serre
Artistic director

Eve MachuelÈve Machuel

Flavio PerezFlavio Perez
Technical director

The fairies’ journey


It was in 2004 that Virginie Guilminot, Éric Serre and Ève Machuel met on the making of Azur et Asmar by Michel Ocelot, the first feature film from the Parisian animation studio Mac Guff where Michel Ocelot used 3D for the first time.


In 2013, Virginie meets Flavio Perez, who will become the 4th partner. Coming from the same University (ATI, Paris 8), he chose to join Virginie, Éric and Eve on the Special Fairies project.

Septembre 2014

From September 2014 to September 2015, Les Fées Spéciales refine the definition of their social innovation and strengthen their economic model, helped by Alter'incub LR, the incubator for social innovation, and supported by UR-SCOP LR.

Septembre 2015


Les Fées Spéciales is officially created. It is hosted and supported by Réalis, the incubator for companies in the social and solidarity economy.

1er Mars 2017

Coup de Pousse

On the occasion of the 6th edition of Coup de Pousse competition by the Region Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée, Les Fées Spéciales won the Education, Integration, Fight Against Inequality Challenge Trophy in the Young Sprout category.

2016 - 2017

Production of Dilili à Paris

Les Fées Spéciales is participating in the production of their first feature film, ``Dilili à Paris`` by Michel Ocelot. While a large part of the animation is carried out in Paris by Mac Guff, the lay-out and the animations of the crowds and vehicles took place in our studio.<br /> In 2019, ``Dilili à Paris`` received the César for best animated feature film.


Musée de Lodève

For more than a year, Les Fées Spéciales worked to produce the multimedia for the new permanent route of the Lodève Museum. In total, more than an hour of content will be created, talking about subjects as varied as archeology, geology and technological upheavals.


César & Techniques

Les Fées Spéciales was nominated for the César & Techniques Innovation Prize which highlights an innovation that has participated in the development, creation, enhancement and dissemination of cinematographic works. Prize at which we presented the work done with Kitsu and CG-Wire.


A César for Dilili

At the César 2019, ``Dilili à Paris`` (Nord-Ouest Films, Studio O) by Michel Ocelot is elected Best Animated Feature Film.


New Co-managers

During the 2019 general meeting, Flavio Perez, Sophie Marron and Eric Serre were elected co-managers for 3 years


Mecaleo, first VR project

We participate in the 500 years of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, recreating the machines of the Italian master in a serious VR game for the University of Tours


Truths at the Cartoon Forum

Selection and pitch of our creation, Truths, during the pitches in front of the producers.<br />


Josep, first co-production

Les Films d'Ici Méditerranée, producer of the film Josep by Aurel, entrusted the studio with the compositing stage of the feature film. This is also an opportunity for us to become a co-producer for the first time.


Josep at Cannes

Josep is one of the 56 films of the official selection of Cannes 2020.


Immersion, first AR project

We will be present at the IUCN World Conservation Congress with CEN PACA to present their first AR Immersion project, an augmented papier-mâché sculpture to explain wetlands.

Credits : Azur et Asmar – Michel Ocelot – Nord-Ouest Film / Dilili à Paris – Michel Ocelot – Nord Ouest Film / Lodève – Musée de Lodève – Les Fées Spéciales / César & Techniques / Un César pour Dilili – Rodolphe Chabrier / Josep – Aurel – Les Films d’Ici Méditerranée