In development – series (78 x 12′)

A collection of sweet and kawaii tales with a touch of emotion! In Tricotown, the Amigurumis live, a small community of knitted creatures. Life is as soft as cotton there… well, almost! Living in a community is never easy, even if you’re all made from the same stitch.
Andarta entrusted us with the mission of 3D modeling the various characters. We then animated them and composited them into real environments using the stopmotion technique. It was a real challenge for our modelers to find a method for creating the amigurumis. They had to develop a process to precisely replicate the crochet stitches. With the help of crocheted models and advice from crochet enthusiasts, they were able to recreate each amigurumi in Blender.



Director: Fabien Lemaître
Production: Andarta Pictures et Ankama

Les Fées Spéciales

Technical direction: Flavio Perez

Technical supervisor: Damien Picard

Modélisation and shading: Damien Picard, Aimée Boutet

Rigging: Lucile Le Boullec

Layout: Damien Picard, Aimée Boutet

Animation: Thomas Caudron

Conformation and rendering: Damien Picard, Lucile Le Boullec

Compositing: Guilhem Garcin

Blender TD: Amélie Fondevilla

Libreflow TD: Baptiste Delos, Valentin Braem

Production manager: Natalène Darfeuille

Production assistant: Gabrielle Gonçalves