Promenade dans Rome


Images from the film

We are back again with the team at Musée Fabre, following our successful collaboration on Fabre and the City #2’s journey spanning 800 years. This time, painter Louis Gauffier is our focus, as we follow him throughout 18th century Rome. This film merges both 2D animation and original engravings by the artist. We have managed to recreate historical views of places now gone, as well as a map of Rome as it was at the time. Our take on Gauffier’s stroll depicts the artist’s work methods and showcases some of his long-lasting inspirations.
The film is a component of an exhibition entitled “Le voyage en Italie de Louis Gauffier”, taking place at the Musée Fabre from May 7th to September 4th, 2022. The exhibition features numerous works by painter Louis Gauffier, born in Poitiers, and recipient of the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1784.

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Musée Fabre
Digital projects manager: Anne Le Cabec
Cultural heritage curator: Pierre Stépanoff
Head and curator of Musée Fabre: Michel Hilaire

Les Fées Spéciales
Director, art director, scenario and animatic: Eric Serre
Character design and 2D animation: Coline Fournier
Original music composer and sound design: Thomas James Potrel
Map: Ghislaine Serre
Motion design and compositing: Floriane Nguyen
Documentation: Lucile Le Boullec
Technical director Flavio Perez
Production manager: Natalène Darfeuille
Production assistant: Gabrielle Gonçalves
Graphic design: Marie Saby