In a dystopian neon Miami, megacorp INFINITY has secretly captured kids with special abilities to turn their powers into military products.
The goal? Save as many kids as you can and put INFINITY out of business!

Nitro Kid is a roguelike deckbuilder set in the neon ‘80s. Build your deck of cyber kung-fu moves, use card combos and fight through the floors of INFINITY tower. Featuring 30+ Synthwave tracks composed exclusively for the game.

On this project, we were in charge of the trailer. It shows a mix of 2D animation with some 3D passages.



Developpment: WILDBOY Studios
Editor: tinyBuild

Les Fées Spéciales
Director & artistic director: Rémi Bastie

Modelisation: Romuald Iquierdo

FX: Rachid Guendouze

Compositing: Benoit Galland

Technical director: Flavio Perez

Production manager: Natalène Darfeuille

Production manager assistant: Gabrielle Gonçalves