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Musée de Lodève©Les Fées Spéciales


Motion design is used in two installations for “Traces of life”. These installations depict complex scientific messages, such as interpreting landscapes in geological terms or the origin of life on Earth.

The first film, Evolution and biological crises, explains, in 3 minutes, the evolution of species and related links through the history of life on Earth. The image of the Phylogenetic Tree, illustrating more than 4 billion years of evolution, includes the latest scientific research and required considerable effort to distil down scientific and graphical information.

The second installation, With or without witnesses, is a 6-minute film that helps us understand the importance of specific geological indicators, as well as the work of geologists and palaeontologists who help us recreate history.

The technical animation method of motion graphic design is based on its dynamic and symbolic narration capability. It focuses on the meaning behind the information rather than an impressive, yet anecdotal display of movement. Feelings are also a strong component, conveyed with colours and humour to complement the presentation of the scientific method.

Other multimedia produced for the Museum


Production: Musée de Lodève et Les Fées Spéciales

Main contractor: L’architecte de l’agence d’architecture Projectiles, le muséographe de l’agence d’architecture Projectiles et les graphistes de l’atelier Polygraphik.

Contracting authority/project owner: Communauté de Communes du Lodévois Larzac.

Museum direction: Ivonne Papin Drastik

Scientific officer: Stéphane Fouché

Project management: AG Studio (Yasmina Barbé Boudhar, Florent Sauzedde)
Hardware: Vidélio

Les Fées Spéciales
Director: Eric Serre

Artistic director and design: Léa Cluzel, Eric Serre

Animation and compositing: Olivier Jolly et Anne Bertin

Project Manager: Flavio Perez

Technical directors: Flavio Perez, Duy Kevin Ngyuen et Damien Picard

Sound designer: Mathias Dubar

Voice: Stéphanie Fresse