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Musée de Lodève©Les Fées Spéciales


The films that we have created for the “Man’s Footprints” exhibition gives visitors a sneak peek into the secrets of Herault’s prehistoric communities.

This series of 9 films, takes visitors back through time, 70,000 years ago. As visitors make their way through the exhibition spaces, they discover how our ancestors from the Lodéve-Larzac area lived and worked, focusing on funeral rites, homes, objects and hunting, etc.
The technique used is digital puppetry animation, stemming from 20th century paper cut-out puppets that are ideally suited to the rigours of scientific illustration such as archaeology. This method leaves plenty of scope for how the images are presented and offers modest production costs compared to the large amount of characters and films.

Other multimedia produced for the Museum


Production: Musée de Lodève et Les Fées Spéciales

Main contractor: L’architecte de l’agence d’architecture Projectiles, le muséographe de l’agence d’architecture Projectiles et les graphistes de l’atelier Polygraphik.

Contracting authority/project owner: Communauté de Communes du Lodévois Larzac.

Museum direction: Ivonne Papin Drastik

Scientific officier: Noisette Bec

Project management: AG Studio (Yasmina Barbé Boudhar, Florent Sauzedde)

Hardware: Vidélio

Les Fées Spéciales
Director: Eric Serre

Artistic directors: Léa Cluzel et Eric Serre

Designs: Alina Constantin, Loqmane Bahri, Larissa Bumb.

Chief animator: Marthe Delaporte

Compositing: Guilhem Garcin et Anne Bertin

Project manager: Maxime Labate

technical direction: Flavio Perez, Duy Kevin Ngyuen et Damien Picard. 

Sound design: Christophe Heral, Mathias Dubar

Voice: Les élèves de l’école Prosper Gely de Lodève