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Musée de Lodève©Les Fées Spéciales

Our team was part of the work to refurbish Lodève Museum in 2017 and 2018.
Further to a year-long project, we produced no less than an hour of animated content.
The time room is a spectacular installation that bookends the geological journey through the museum’s permanent collection. The 7-minute film, projected onto a 12 m semi-circular screen, lets visitors view 15 key periods in the Lodève area that together form a 540 million-year journey.
There are 12 windows below the screen, providing visitors with additional background information. They contain fossils, witnesses of times past, that each light up when the corresponding period is displayed on the big screen.
This programme required a great deal of coordination between the production studio, museum teams, the project management consultants, scientific committees (for the content to be displayed), scenographers and the project hardware partners (modulo-pi servers, projectors). A visual process had to be found to help the audience grasp the scales of geological time.

Other multimedia produced for the Museum


Production: Musée de Lodève et Les Fées Spéciales

Main constructor: The architect Projectiles, the museographer of Projectiles and the designers of Polygraphik.

Contracting authority/Projetc owner: Communauté de Communes du Lodévois Larzac.

Museum direction: Ivonne Papin Drastik

Scientific officer: Stéphane Fouché

Project management: AG Studio (Yasmina Barbé Boudhar, Florent Sauzedde)

Hardware: Vidélio

Les Fées Spéciales
Director: Eric Serre

Artistic direction: Marie Saby, Gaëlle Diot

Designs: Gaëlle Diot et Geoffroy Ridel

Compositing: Guilhem Garcin

Project manager: Flavio Perez

Technical direction: Duy Kevin Ngyuen et Damien Picard.

Sound design: Christophe Héral