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Musée de Lodève©Les Fées Spéciales

Geosciences account for a large part of the collection at Lodève Museum. The various multimedia feature maps projected on relief models use dynamic projected mapping or 3D pre-dinosaur reconstitutions (Eryops and Dimetrodon). We then designed animated geological diagrams to explain changes to the Lodève area through time.

The aim of these installations is to see terrestrial processes that go far beyond timescales familiar to the average visitor. Millions of years of tectonic activity and erosion have left traces and footprints that we had to encapsulate in a matter of minutes.
Using simple, animated diagrams helps people grasp basic concepts during their visit. The films are silent and the projected images are accompanied by carefully written texts with the subsequent constraints of using two languages (French and English).

Other multimedia produced for the Museum


Production: Musée de Lodève et Les Fées Spéciales

Main contractor: L’architecte de l’agence d’architecture Projectiles, le muséographe de l’agence d’architecture Projectiles et les graphistes de l’atelier Polygraphik.

Contracting authority/Projetc owner: Communauté de Communes du Lodévois Larzac.

Museum direction: Ivonne Papin Drastik

Scientific officer: Stéphane Fouché

Project management: AG Studio (Yasmina Barbé Boudhar, Florent Sauzedde)
Hardware: Vidélio

Équipe des Fées Spéciales
Directors: Flavio Perez, Eric Serre

Artistic director: Marie Saby

Cartography: Damien Picard

Designs: Vincent Landrieux et Duy Kevin Nguyen