Virtual Museum of Cinema Posters

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The Virtual Museum of Cinema Posters explores the evolution of movie posters since the early days of the film industry. Evolving into a distinct artistic medium, movie posters narrate the stories of films through characters and actions. Inextricably linked to the promotion of films, both in cinemas and on a large scale through offset printing, movie posters have become an integral part of cinematic history. The Jean Vigo Institute, based in Perpignan, possesses an extensive collection of cinema posters, spanning from the early days of cinema to the present, which they restore, digitize, and showcase.

We accompanied the Jean Vigo Institute throughout the process, from conception to creation, and finally to the launch of the Virtual Museum of Cinema Posters.


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Client: Institut Jean Vigo

Les Fées Spéciales
Artistic director: Marie Saby, Eric Serre

Development: Mina Pêcheux

Modeling, lighting & rendering: Damien Picard
Research engineer: Nathalie Combe
Production manager: Natalène Darfeuille