The Hidden Lives of Soil: Immersive and Augmented Journey

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After Immersion, we use the technique of augmented reality to The hidden lives of the soil. A collaborative research program initiated as part of the Readynov call for projects from the Occitanie Region, for innovative collaborative projects between businesses and research centers. It’s in consortium with the laboratory CEFE (Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology, CNRS, Paul Valéry University, University of Montpellier and IRD) and the Lunaret Zoo in Montpellier that we have carried out this program to combine art, science and technology.
After several months of research, we have developed The hidden lives of the soil. An augmented reality application that reveals the invisible world hidden under our feet. Beyond the educational dimension, this project aims to convey important messages around biodiversity such as the importance of preserving the soil and its inhabitants. This approach provides the zoo with a new tool and subject of mediation.
The application is available for smartphones on iOS (iPhone 6S or more recent) or on Android (Android 10 or more recent, and depending on the smartphone’s capabilities). It is currently being used at the Zoo du Lunaret, where the prototype is located.


Découvrir l’application



Production: Les Fées Spéciales, CEFE, Zoo du Lunaret

Les Fées Spéciales

On this project, Les Fées Spéciales are responsible for pre-production, supervision, realization, and the production of the digital device.

Director & artistic director: Eric Serre
Research engineer: Nathalie Combe
Production manager: Natalène Darfeuille
UX/UI design: Marie Saby

3D animator: Ghislaine Serre
Modeling: Damien Picard, Alexis Poinot
Developer: Simon Galand

Design research: Coline Fournier
Technical director: Flavio Perez
Financial director: Sophie Marron