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A film trailer created for the V@Si company, which organised the “SAPATIC Games” in early October!

SAPATIC (Adapted physical activities using information and communication technology) is a remote health system offering adapted physical activities that people can do live, alone or in groups, fostering social ties and sporting ambition that V@Si strives to develop. The games bring together several European university hospitals on the same platform so that children undergoing treatment can take part in this big day for one and all! In short, it’s a heck of an event!

The film has been entirely produced with Blender and its Grease Pencil function to create 2D animation in this 3D programme.


Scenario: Aurélie Buron
Artistic director: Sylvaine Jenny
Animator (Blender): Léa Cluzel
Compositing: Duy Kevin Nguyen
Music and sound design: Louis-Louise Kay
Production Manager: Virginie Guilminot
Production assistant: Emmeline Gohé