Un1que, Victor Wembanyama


Released on 08/10/2023 on Canal+

Victor Wembanyama, the first French player in history to be drafted in the first position by an NBA franchise, is a basketball prodigy. His exceptional talent on the court and extraordinary measurements make him a unique player who fascinates the world. For a year, a film crew followed him in his private life, from his quest for one last French championship title with the Metropolitans 92 club to his arrival in San Antonio in the summer of 2023 with the famous Spurs franchise.

Little Darwin Films entrusted us with the production of 2D animations for the documentary. These scenes represent memories or dreams of Victor Wembanyama. For each scene, Victor drew a basic sketch to introduce the animation, and the directors provided us with a script. Based on these elements, our artistic director, Rémi Bastie, proposed an animation and the further designs for each scene.

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Les Fées Spéciales

Technical Director: Flavio Perez

Animation 2D

Artistic director & design: Rémie Bastie

2D animator: Léa Cluzel

Animation Supervision: Eric Serre

Compositing: Julien Delwaulle


Production Manager: Natalène Darfeuille
Financial director: Sophie Marron