Artistic Direction Concept Board


Special 26′ Episode – in anticipation of a series

The protagonist: Nora, 10 years old, a deaf girl at the heart of the action While she has grown up until now in a vast and exotic natural environment, Nora discovers a new world, grayer and more urban, as she moves. It is through Nora’s perspective that we explore this world, and that alone gives it a very distinct shape. Because Nora, a deaf girl from birth, hears absolutely no sounds, even though she often senses the vibrations. On the other hand, like many deaf individuals, Nora has developed keen observational skills and a strong sense of direction. Her uniqueness has made her highly attuned to her surroundings. She is sensitive and possesses a beautiful intuition. Wanting to forge connections with the neighborhood residents, Nora invests herself to gain their attention, even if it means sometimes going a bit too far. Thanks to her energy and zest for life, Nora will form a friendship with the fearless Zoé, and later with Hugo, a young boy burdened with deep sorrow. Through the three of them, the neighborhood will regain a new vitality.


Directed by: Eric Serre

Screenplay by: Manu Causse and Chrysostome Gourio

Graphic Design: Léa Cluzel

With the support of: Marie Lamothe and Anthony Guyon.

With the support of