What is it like to be an Amerindian today? (webserie – Muséum de Toulouse)

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In a period of cultural, economic and political change, this web-series, designed and written by the Toulouse Natural History Museum, offers a human, scientific and contemporary insight into Amerindians in Amazonia. OurLes Fées studio played a part in this venture by producing a pilot film called Iny Karajà, the people of the great river.

To complete the story and add a graphical dimension to the videos made by men and women from different Amazonian communities, the museum, in Toulouse, and Les Fées Spéciales added some animation. Sketches are a universal concept. They are simple, yet meaningful and poetic wherever you are in the world. They help discover myths and social or environmental issues without falling prey to hyperrealism that would be insincere or inappropriate.
The combination of techniques and media strikes a chord with the diversity of modern worlds. This also makes the dialogue more conducive to learn about other people.

Like a travel journal, it captures situations as they really are. Animated sketches retain their meaning and appeal to the audience’s imagination. The colours used have an ambassadorial role and the palette has been carefully chosen to complement the subjects featured in the film. The hues add warmth and comfort to the words.

Learn, understand, protect.

This new approach embodies the power and charm of this web-series which you can support and discover at www.oka-amazonie.fr. You can also see the fantastic exhibition, Oka Amazonie at the Museum in Toulouse.


Museum d’histoire Naturelle de Toulouse

Production : Museum d’histoire Naturelle de Toulouse

Screenplay and conception : Isabelle Fougère, Sylviane Bonvin Pochstein, Maud Dahlem

Scientific officers : Nathalie Petesch, Sylviane Bonvin Pochstein

Legal and financial arrangements : Isabel Nottaris

Production coordinator : Maud Dahlem

Real pictures : Labé Karajà, Juanahu Karajà, Communauté de Hawalo / Santa Isabel do Morro – Tocantins, Brésil, Serge Guiraud – Jabiru Prod, Montage : Eric Varignon

Satellites pictures : Village Hawalo/Pléiades©CNES 2017 – distribution Airbus DS, Rio Jutai©Airbus DS 2018

3D pictures : IMA Solutions

Les Fées Spéciales

Director : Eric Serre

Artistic directors : Eric Serre, Marie Saby 

Technical director : Flavio Perez

Designs : Léa Cluzel, Eric Serre

2D animators : Léa CLuzel, Duy Kevin Nguyen

Compositing : Guilhem Garcin, Flavio Perez

Editors : Maxime Labate, Eric Serre

Generic : Olivier Jolly, Flavio Perez

Sound composition : Louis-Louise Kay

Sound design et mixage : MARE  NOSTRUM Records

Sound engineer : Mathias Dubar

Voices : Rafael Martins, César Da Conceicao Silva