Paper pig: OpenScene

Comparison between an original image and the generated rendering

The 3D rendering obtained from 2D materials

Work in progress: This is a raw test rendering, still in progress, and without compositing. 

The original 2D sequence

Test scene and CC BY license created as part of the GP PowerTools program

Paper Pig was created as part of our Grease Pencil PowerTools program, supported by the technical industries fund of the CNC. This scene addresses two issues encountered in the development of our tools: having a project that encompasses the technical constraints of 2D animation and having images under a free license to freely share our results.

The process of creating this scene unfolded in reverse to the classic creative process. In this case, the technical team drafted a specification for a graphic author who was able to propose Paper Pig in response to the requirements. The developers closely followed the creation process to validate the animators’ work. The benefit of this scene is to create 3D scenes from elements animated in 2D.

Once fully created in Blender, the scene is usable by developers to test and develop our Grease Pencil tools.

This scene is available on our GitLab, and we aim to share it with the wider Blender community so that they can also use it for developing their tools.

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With the support of

Les Fées Spéciales


Technical director: Flavio Perez

Developers: Amélie Fondevilla, Damien Picard

2D Animation

Design & animation: Julien Delwaulle


Chargée de production: Natalène Darfeuille