Captures of Colibri Usage on The Siren

Colibri: Blender’s Pose and Animation Library

Colibri is a library of static poses and animations designed to be shared among all the animators in a production. It comes with a website accessible from any studio (or remote artist), allowing for the creation, storage, and real-time sharing of these poses. A pose created by one artist is instantly available to everyone. From the website, you can interact with your Blender session by injecting the poses you need. The tool allows you to apply the whole or part of a pose, apply it in a mirrored fashion, or even blend the current pose in Blender with the one chosen by the artist in Colibri.

This web application requires a Keycloak connection server and is initially set up to run in a docker. It also allows for managing multiple projects simultaneously, having private collections (by artists), or shared ‘public’ collections with connected individuals.

Colibri is a tool that received support from the CNC’s technical industries fund.

Colibri has been used on the following projects: La Sirène

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