Napoleon, apology and satire


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In the spring of 2021, we are once again working with the Institut de France’s mediation and pedagogical team to design a mini exhibition site around the reign of Napoleon I.

There are numerous illustrations of the reign of Napoleon I, whether they come from the propaganda of the empire or from his enemies, the Emperor led to extensive press coverage in a few years. Through 4 main themes: war and peace, Napoleon’s government, Napoleon and Europe and Portraits of Napoleon, the user can observe different portraits and prints. Thanks to the features of the mini-site, one can zoom in on the details of the image and read the information about it.

The site offers educational activities for students (middle or high school) to discover each of the 4 themes of the file.

The site is responsive, which means that it is visible on computer, tablet and mobile.

Learn more:

The virtual exhibition

The Institute’s dossier




Production : L’Institut de France et Les Fées Spéciales

Institut de France

Scientific and educational design: Maud Ternon et Catherine Dalarun
Image credits: © Fondation Dosne-Thiers (Institut de France). Collection Frédéric Masson.

Les Fées Spéciales

Design and artistic direction: Marie Saby
Co-managers: Flavio Perez, Eric Serre, Sophie Marron
Developer: Mina Pêcheux

Production Manager: Natalène Darfeuille
Production Assistant: Sophie Menegazzi & Tanya Monamy