Léonard de Vinci – Les carnets de L’Institut

Timelapse of the shooting

Pictures from the shooting

After Mécaléo VR (Université de Tours, ARD “Intelligence des Patrimoines” program), our team works on Leonardo Da Vinci’s work again for the Institut de France (a french institution founded in 1795, that regroups five of the most famous french Académies). This time we’re working on Da Vinci’s notebooks.
Our team has created an ergonomic “virtual library” allowing you to read the famous Florentine master’s notes online and to leaf through the drawings and writings scanned in very high definition. Informative notes and translations scattered over the different pages help to give meaning to the different writings: arts, architecture, engineering, …
We made a short introductory video to present the notebooks and Leonardo da Vinci. On this occasion, we interviewed Xavier Darcos, Chancellor of the Institut de France and Pascal Brioist, historian and great specialist in Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces (also scientific manager of the Mécaleo VR project).
The aim of these online multimedia is to offer secondary school students and teachers a new way to discover Leonardo Da Vinci.

You can find the project on the Institute’s website :




Production: Institut de France & Les Fées Spéciales

Institut de France

Supervision: Catherine Dalarun
Conception: Maud Ternon
Photo’s credits: RMN-Grand Palais (Bibliothèque de l’Institut de France)

Les Fées Spéciales
Director: Eric Serre
Technical director: Flavio Perez
Artistic director/designer: Marie Saby
Developer: Guilhem Barboux
Director of photography: Olivier Guerin
Production manager: Natalène Darfeuille
Editing: Photine Carpentier
Sound design & mix: Mare Nostrum Records