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In 2022, we had the opportunity to work for the first time with « Drôle de Trame » and the « Centre des Monuments Nationaux » (National Monuments Center) at the Oppidum d’Ensérune site. We created three elements for the new permanent exhibition at the museum. In addition to the projected map « Ensérune Crossroads of Civilizations, » we developed two interactive installations, « A Tune from Athens » and « The World of the Celts. »

These two tactile applications are located in the Mouret room, the final stop on the tour, which houses a significant portion of the vases discovered in the necropolis and immerses us in Félix Mouret’s study in 1916. At the center of the room, two tables, true discovery cabinets, integrate the digital installations that allow us to step into the shoes of Félix Mouret in 1916, during the excavations and cataloging of discoveries. His classification system, which he described in a volume of the « Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, » remains a reference in the identification of vases of Greek origin or influence even in our time.

The first table, « A Tune from Athens, » is dedicated to Greek discoveries and highlights some iconic items from the collection to be classified as Félix Mouret would have done in the 20th century.

The second table, « The World of the Celts, » features pieces from the Celtic collection, combining ironwork and pottery. For this installation, visitors step into the role of a CNRS researcher to classify and discover these objects.

The museum was inaugurated in July 2022.

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ClientCentre des Monuments Nationaux

Alexandra Dromard et Lina Nakazawa

Lionel Izak

Sophie Izak


Main contractor

Scenography Workshop: Fakestorybird, Marion Lyonnais, Joël Tanguy

Graphic Design: Amandine Vernay, Atelier des Créations Fantasques

Lighting Design: Jean-Noël Cordonnier, Lumières Design

Audioviual and multimedia production

Lead consortium: Drôle de Trame

Subcontrators: ETC, Anabole et Les Fées Spéciales

Artistic and Editorial Direction: Corinne Planchais

Director: Maud Sertour 

Production managers: Anne-Sophie Palué, Gabrièla de Carvalho