The Missions of the Departmental Archives of the Gard

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Parallely to the realization of the animated credits of the web-series Généalogistes en Herbe, the Departmental Archives entrusted us with the mission of creating a 2 minutes film about their 4 main missions. From collection, to communication by way of classification and conservation, we discover, in a didactic way, the hidden side of the archivist’s job.

For the needs of this subject, we chose the technique of motion design, which allowed us to create a colorful universe. The objects and documents of the archives are associated with gestures and short sketches asserting the human dimension of the Archives’ jobs. A chosen range of color guides the viewer according to the mission.




Production: Archives départementales du Gard et Les Fées Spéciales

Archives départementales du Gard

Project management: Archives départementales du Gard

Conception and project coordination: Alicia Jeandenans & Manon Boucher, under the supervision of Fabienne Griot 

Les Fées Spéciales

Directors: Marie Saby et Léa Cluzel

Graphic author: Léa Cluzel

Animator: Julien Delwaulle

Technical director: Flavio Perez

Artistic supervision: Eric Serre

Financial director: Sophie Marron

Project manager: Natalène Darfeuille

Assistant project manager: Sophie Menegazzi et Tanya Monamy

Son : Mare Nostrum Records