Mecaleo©Intelligence des Patrimoines

An immersive and interactive discovery of Leonardo da Vinci’s machines

This is a serious virtual reality video game that plunges you into the Renaissance period to discover how the famous machines designed by Léonard de Vinci worked.
It’s a Renaissance Transmédia Lab project jointly developed by the Centre d’études supérieur de la Renaissance (CESR) and the Intelligence des Patrimoines research programme.
We produced the final version of the game using a pre-existing development. We also completed the portrayal of all the 3D content (décor, machines, etc.) and created all the project’s game play features before adding a web version of the game.



Project owner: Centre d’études supérieures de la Renaissance / ARD Intelligence des Patrimoines (université de Tours)

Scientific officer: Pascal BRIOIST (Professeur des universités)

Production: Les Fées Spéciales