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Josep ©Les Films d’ici Méditerrannée

feature film – Cinema release 30th september 2020
February 1939. Spanish republicans are fleeing Franco’s dictatorship to France. The French government built concentration camp, confining the refugees, where they barely have access to hygiene, water and food. In one of these camps, separated by barbed wire, two men will become friends. One is a guard, the other is Josep Bartoli (Barcelona 1910 – NYC 1995), an illustrator who fights against Franco’s regime.

We were involved in the final animation stages of this feature film, the compositing phase, which produces the final image of the film by combining the different elements: characters, decor, animated decor or objects, effects… each produced by other studios. The work also involved brightness, colour and special effects settings which also helped correct calculation errors or oversights in the final product.

Festival de Cannes – Official Selection 2020


Autors : Aurel & Jean-Louis Milési
Coproducers : Les Films du Poisson Rouge, Upside, B-Water Studio, La Fabrique Animation Tchack, Promenons-nous dans les bois, Lunanime, Les Fées Spéciales et & In Efecto
Executive producer : Serge Lalou – Les Films d’Ici Méditerranée & Jordi B. Oliva – Imagic Telecom
Line-producer : Catherine Estèves – Les Films du Poisson Rouge

Les Fées Spéciales’ team :
Les Fées Spéciales made the compositing of the film.

Artistic director: Eric Serre
Technical director: Flavio Perez
Production manager: Natalène Darfeuille
Financial director: Sophie Marron

Compositing: Justine Hwang
Julien Delwaulle, Maxime Galland, Domitille Gindre, Guillaume Girac, Louka Maréchal & Floriane Nguyen

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