Musée de Lodève – 3D scan and projected maps

Images of the installations in the Museum

Research images

Musée de Lodève©Les Fées Spéciales

In addition to producing animated films and multimedia, we also helped design and recreate relief map models. To complete this job, we worked with Sequoia, a carpentry company specialising in museum layouts, joinery and decoration.

Our task was to design and build 3D models for the following objects:

  • 20 fossilised Caseidae bones (from the skeleton of an animal to be exhibited on a metal frame, the bones being scanned in high definition 3D to create an exact copy (accurate to 10µm)
    a slab in relief displaying the path of fossilised footprints made from casts of the Cogema slabs, covering an area of 32m²;
  • a slab in relief featuring Neolithic human footprints, made from casts, illustrating the path taken into the Aldène Cave (Aude);
  • 4 projected relief maps (taken from NASA, IGN, OSM open data sources);
  • a cross-section of the Causses limestone plateaus, containing underground cave reservoirs;
  • and finally, an educational booklet on footprints and casts of footprints.
  • our team used various 3D scanning models to recreate models of fossil remains as accurately as possible.

This work to make precise copies of these fossils also required field visits to certain sites, such as the Aldène Cave, which some of our team had the pleasure of visiting with an archaeologists and professional caving experts. We also visited the Cogéma site, a now-disused uranium mine where the slab of dinosaur footprints was found. We supplemented this with paleontological records at the University of Montpellier 2 and archived material at the National Museum of Prehistory in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil. Many thanks to all the teams for their warm welcome.

Other multimedia produced for the Museum


Production: Musée de Lodève, Les Fées Spéciales et Séquoia

Main contractor: L’architecte de l’agence d’architecture Projectiles, le muséographe de l’agence d’architecture Projectiles et les graphistes de l’atelier Polygraphik.

Contracting authority/Projetc owner: Communauté de Communes du Lodévois Larzac.

Museum direction: Ivonne Papin Drastik

Scientific officier: Stephane Fouché et Noisette Bec

Project management: AG Studio (Yasmina Barbé Boudhar, Florent Sauzedde)

Hardware: Vidélio


Les Fées Spéciales

Artistic director: Marie Saby

Project manager: Flavio Perez

Scan, modelization and designs: Damien Picard

Modélisations: Duy Kevin Nguyen

Bones’ scan: 3D Innov