Héraklès , aux origines de la Crau

Images from the film


Back in ancient Greek times, when heroes fought ferocious bandits, giants and other fantastical creatures, the valiant Heracles accomplished his 12 labours around the Mediterranean. During his penultimate voyage, to the Garden of Hesperides, he once again had to overcome a dangerous ordeal that resulted in the creation of the Crau Plain (Bouches du Rhône).

This adventure, told in ancient Greek with French subtitles, is taken from the ancient scripts of Aeschylus (Prometheus Bound). In it, we discover the mythological origins of this desert-like plain, unique to Western Europe, while promoting its all-too-overlooked cultural and artistic heritage.

The film has been shown to visitors since October 2014, as part of the permanent exhibition at the Maison de la Crau visitor centre, at Saint Martin de Crau (Bouches du Rhône).



Client: Le Conservatoire d’espaces naturels Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur


Director, designs et characters: Eric Serre
Sound design: Christophe Héral
Animation: Sarah Guiderdoni, Marine Varguy
Production directors: Virginie Guilminot, Eve François-Machuel
Voice: Yannis Michalakis
Compositing: Sarah Guiderdoni
Technical director: Flavio Perez
3D animator (Blender): Philippe Giffard, Damien Picard

acknowledgments: Eschyle for his oeuvre Prometheus bound,  la Réserve Naturelle Coussouls de Crau et la Maison de La Crau, Axel Wolff, Fanette Bugaud, Audrey Hoppenot, Simone Lamy et ses amis, Jean Millou, Michel Cortey, Valery Raydon

Les Fées Spéciales / Atelier Caravel
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