Explorers and Maps – La Mora

The scenographic space

Images extracted from the films

©La Mora


Opening on March 23, 2024

The production is underway, with the scenographer responsible for the design and implementation of the tour route, entrusting us with the task of animating the immersive setup ‘Explorers and Maps’ for the scenographic journey of La Mora. This immersive space complements the spectacle project to rebuild the ship of William the Conqueror, La Mora.

The immersive film is divided into two opposing projections, synchronized so that one projection depicts the journey on a world map while the other animates the adventures of each voyage. The two projections blend into the scenography reminiscent of the painted map rooms of the time. We follow 4 Norman explorers or corsairs: Binot Paulmier de Gonneville, Jean de Fleury, Giovanni da Verrazzano, and Samuel Champlain.

The rest of the scenography is divided into 4 spaces, one for each captain, to present to the audience objects evoking the journeys of each crew.

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On this project, our team was responsible for the creation and fabrication of the animated sequences.
Director and artistic director: Eric Serre
Technical director: Flavio Perez
Financial director: Sophie Marron
Production manager: Natalène Darfeuille

Storyboard/animatic: Jean-Baptiste Marchand
Graphic design: Ghislaine Serre
Animation: Julien Delwaulle
Compositing: Lauriane Arnoux

Assistant compositing : Photine Carpentier